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About us

Company MECHANICAL HR, Ltd. belongs to a group of companies MECHANICAL DESIGN,Ltd, which has already been offering it’s services in the area of design and development for automotive industry and general mechanical engineering since 1999.

Mechanical HR, Ltd. was established as our response to growing customer demand for professional and technical specialists, in order to provide comprehensive personnel and engineering services in the field of engineering and automotive industry. The company also provides consultancy on productivity support, effi- ciency and the competitiveness of our customers.






We conduct detailed interviews and present candidates to clients selectively when the candidate meets precise customer requirements and fits into the culture of the hiring firm.

  • sourcing , selection, testing language skills, checking references
  • verification of the candidate from all available sources
  • vspecial approach for every client and every candidate with detailed and specific knowledge of the industry
  • saves time, money and reduces the risk of filling positions with unsuitable candidates
  • effective way to obtain suitable candidates for various positions
  • wide database of experts in various fields of specialty
  • candidates sign the contract directly with the client


Selection of candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialized positions. We identify possible new recruits, research the availability of suitable candidates working for competitors,  carry out initial screening of the candidate and negotiate the remuneration and the employment contract.

  • best way to get top professionals who bring to the client high added value
  • extensive database of candidates and wide range of personal contacts offer also professionals who are not actively looking for work
  • current view of market and competitive environment as an effective tool for further business development
  • clients’ anonymity is respected
  • relationships built on the principle of strong trust and fairness


We supply our clients with experienced professionals (Project engineers, CAD designers, Industrial engineers, Quality engineers, etc.) for temporary and strategic projects. Outsourcing of engineering services helps companies to perform well in their core competencies and mitigate shortage of skill or expertise in the area of design and engineering services

  • our specialists are available for clients’ needs in required time and quality, clients pay for only the services they need and only when they need them
  • reduces the need to hire and train unspecialized staff, brings in fresh engineering expertise, reduces capital and operating expenses
  • flexible and cost-effective solution adjusting to current client’s’ needs
  • immediate access to specialists who are not currently available on the labor market
  • effective tool to manage employee turnover 


- a combination of Outsourcing and acquisition of a candidate for permanent contract

  • trying out the qualities of the candidate for a specific period during which he is an employee of Mechanical HR, Ltd. with the possibility for the company to recruit the candidate themselves
  • extending the probationary period of the potential employee


Our targets

  • Customer’s satisfaction is our priority number one
  • Sustainable, flexible and prompt reaction to the needs of our customers with high quality
  • Credibility and reliability

Actual list jobs

    Vedúci nástrojárne
    Published: 08.04.2016  |  Work place: Slovensko,Čachtice

    CAD designer
    Published: 08.04.2016  |  Work place: Czech Rep.,Prague

    System Engineer
    Published: 15.03.2016  |  Work place: Belgicko

    CAD designer - Germany
    Published: 08.04.2016  |  Work place: Nemecko,Stuttgart